Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I know, I haven't blogged properly in the longest time and I come back with possibly one of my boring-est and safest outfits yet. Have I lost all hope of creative and unique quality? Am I becoming a bland and unappealing person? Will I begin to conform to society's standards of skinny jeans and american apparel hoodies and birkenstock sandles? 
Oh God, I hope not. 

Blue Button-Up Shirt - Thrifted
High Waisted Shorts - Aritzia 
Black Lace-Up Boots - Spring

It's been a bittersweet week. The first few days were just terrible. It's been a mess of trying to figure out my future and, for a lack of less melodramatic words, "who I am". As well as dealing with a lot of people (friends..people.. augh.. feelings.. relationships.. cry cry cry) and "drama"(ensue crying).
This second part is really strange on my behalf because I don't usually involve myself so much with people. Not as in I'm antisocial (or so I would hope) but more and more these days I just try to stay neutral and out of things.

Nevertheless, my efforts have clearly gone to hell because people insist on getting involved with each other in the most idiotic of ways and overall just transforming me into the equivalent of a Mother dealing with a son who smokes crack or a teenage daughter who leaves condom wrappers on the car floor..... I don't even know what I'm trying to say anymore but it's THAT FRUSTRATING.

If this ever blows over and goes away I think I'm just going to crawl into a hole and hibernate away from people forever... good plan? 

This being said.. things seem to be on the road to getting better but yeah.. it seems like a ritual for me to complain in my blog now. Don't you just love the smell of teenage angst?
Haha, I know. Sorry guys. I didn't mean to harass you with this painfully awkward and dramatic mass of pointless text! Please forgive me. 

Anyways... reasons for rejoicement- we had the most incredible weather in Toronto today. Also I have almost fully recovered from a month long sickness... Hurrah! I celebrated by doing my first outdoor shoot without running inside every two minutes for a 'warm-up break'. 

Honestly... these shoots are actually so tiring. I love taking pictures, but this is not photography. This is setting-up-tripod-10-test-shots-run-back-and-forth-between-camera-to-adjust-tripod-and-set-timer. 
I think I'm gonna try to trick my boyfriend into being my photographer? I dunno.. hope he doesn't read this haha. 
 Especially with the weather getting warmer it'd be so nice to get out there and have a change of scenery every once in a while. I love being a one-woman show.. but at the same time, I don't like being a one-woman show? (Make up your mind, woman!) Or maybe just not with shooting.. it's so counterproductive. 

Any Toronto fashion bloggers out there wanna come here and we can like shoot for each other? That'd be so nice. 


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