Wednesday, July 10, 2013

jacket / aritzia 
velvet crop top / lemieux
velvet skirt / lemieux 
lace up boots / spring 

So I haven't posted in like six years. I swear I have a good reason. It's cause I've been busy. 
Haha, no. Bad reason, Lydia, bad reason. 

But it's true. In the last few months (year? has it been a year?? I suck, I know) I have gotten accepted to university, chosen a university, gotten my first real job, graduated high school... It's been great. And now I am ~heading into a new chapter of my life~ in the most cheesiest of words. 

I really want to start blogging again, as I go into this summer and university. I think the content is gonna change up a bit though. I'm gonna be posting up more design and art related things and I really just wanna write naturally because I've had complete and total word constipation before when I tried to write/sound a certain way and it was HELL. 
I also promise to put more effort into my outfit posts because this shoot was actually done like 3 months ago for school project. I feel like I've actually improved a lot with making my own clothes (which really isn't that much) so at least I've done one thing right this year. 

Hope you guys have all been doing well. Thanks for sticking with me followers, I love you all. 
/dramatic tear wipe 

love lydia lemieux 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

long black tank top - 3f fashions 
gold silk dress shirt - vintage 
shoes - mom's closet 
jewellery - ardene, swarovski, charlotte russe, aldo 

this post is actually so overdue considering that i shot this outfit a week ago , but since then school has essentially swallowed me up whole . 
so when i did get some free time i usually spent it indulging in sleep and curling up in a ball while whispering to myself, 'it's okay, it's okay. it's all going to be okay, it'll be over very very soon'. which it won't because university applications aren't for another several months which means until then i will be a complex ticking bomb built of nerves and bad feelings and moodyness . PROBABLY. 

also, returning to school means returning to uniform so it's not like i was motivated to do a post every other day for an outfit i did not actually wear . 
anyways, this is one of my favorite safe outfits (i feel like i say that about all my safe outfits?) but i find it's better for more formal outings, like dates and such. i love going to neutral colors for safe outfits . 

near the beginning of school i was kinda sad for a few days and i don't usually turn to shopping therapy (i'm not an impulse buyer kind of person) but i took a trip to pmall and i got all lured in by cheap stuff and feeling upset . 
i know summer's coming to an end, but i ended up picking up this dress and these shoes. in total i only spent $25 CAD so it felt worth it even though i probably won't really reap these benefits till 10 months from now. 

anyways , i really wanted to say thanks to all the new and old followers for following & sticking with me through my ramblings and whatnot . and thank you for all the lovely comments, especially regarding my illustrations (they make me happy (': ) 
i've been kind of busy lately so i haven't replied to any comments or visited many blogs but i will do that once i settle into school a bit . 

hope you're all having a great week ! 
love lydia lemieux 

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

silk floral kimono - banana republic (thrifted) 
black bustier top - thrifted 
brown button-up skirt - forever 21 
oxfords - locale 
jewellery - american eagle, aldo, swarovski 

summer's come to an end and i'm back to school now, which means... i don't really know what it means. 
it's my last of highschool and i really don't know what to expect, but i know this year will be filled with hard work, inspiration and lots of discovery . and hopefully lots of blogging as well . 
also, although i have mixed feelings about returning to school (and normal life), i'm rather excited for fall fashion because i get to layer (and swallow myself up in big baggy sweaters). i'm going to be going thrifting with my blogging pal joyce this weekend and i'm hoping to find some nice cheap stuff for the upcoming season . :) 

a quick and slightly messy illustration, there's a couple of things that make me iffy about it but i wanted to get this post up by tonight . if there's one thing that fashion illustration is helping me with , is efficiency . and hopefully consistency , i really want to keep this up . 

and since somebody asked in the comments before (but i can't find this comment anymore, sorry!) i used adobe photoshop to draw and color my illustrations (though if you don't have that i recommend open canvas which i find even better, but it doesn't run on macs) . :) 

hope you're all having a end to summer and beginning to school ! 
love lydia lemieux 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

favorite white blouse - hanna g 
wine colored skinny jeans - zco jeans 
black bag - thrifted 
black heeled lace up boots - spring 
jewellery - charlotte russe, ardenes, swarovski & mom's closet 

today i went to a going away party for one of my friends, who is moving to africa (i know.. wow, man, wow) . i wanted to pull out a safe outfit because i didn't have a lot of time to get ready so i pulled out my favorite white blouse . you know those pieces of clothing that just make you feel safe ? like something that makes you think, "i could wear this with probably anything and still feel good about myself". yeah, pretty much explains this blouse . 

 also canada has lovingly decided to grace us with random cold weather so i had to settle for long pants (but why canada? i want to enjoy the last days of my summer in short shorts and fluffy skirts..) which was, at the same time, a good thing because i've really been wanting to wear these wine colored jeans that i picked up a few weeks ago . 

i got them for twenty dollars at winners, woo hoo! i love department stores so much , almost as much as the thrift store . it's funny because my friends always ask me how i can afford having so many clothes but the truth is i just know where to look to get clothes for cheap . :) 

i'm curious, where do you guys get your clothes from ? being on blogger and lookbook always makes me question where other people get their closets from and how they afford it . it'd be nice if we could all share tips and secrets, heyyy ;) 

i almost gave up like six times while trying to draw an illustration but pulled through and i'm actually pretty proud of this one :') 

have a great week guys , xx 
love lydia lemieux 


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