Wednesday, August 29, 2012

favorite white blouse - hanna g 
wine colored skinny jeans - zco jeans 
black bag - thrifted 
black heeled lace up boots - spring 
jewellery - charlotte russe, ardenes, swarovski & mom's closet 

today i went to a going away party for one of my friends, who is moving to africa (i know.. wow, man, wow) . i wanted to pull out a safe outfit because i didn't have a lot of time to get ready so i pulled out my favorite white blouse . you know those pieces of clothing that just make you feel safe ? like something that makes you think, "i could wear this with probably anything and still feel good about myself". yeah, pretty much explains this blouse . 

 also canada has lovingly decided to grace us with random cold weather so i had to settle for long pants (but why canada? i want to enjoy the last days of my summer in short shorts and fluffy skirts..) which was, at the same time, a good thing because i've really been wanting to wear these wine colored jeans that i picked up a few weeks ago . 

i got them for twenty dollars at winners, woo hoo! i love department stores so much , almost as much as the thrift store . it's funny because my friends always ask me how i can afford having so many clothes but the truth is i just know where to look to get clothes for cheap . :) 

i'm curious, where do you guys get your clothes from ? being on blogger and lookbook always makes me question where other people get their closets from and how they afford it . it'd be nice if we could all share tips and secrets, heyyy ;) 

i almost gave up like six times while trying to draw an illustration but pulled through and i'm actually pretty proud of this one :') 

have a great week guys , xx 
love lydia lemieux 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

acid wash denim playsuit - wawa boutique 
black skirt - h&m 
black lace underskirt - mom's closet 
black lace up boots - spring 

i'm completely obsessed with this denim playsuit (which i wore as a top) that i got with my mom a few weeks back . i'm in love with the lace cutout and the bead detailing, its perfect except it's a little bit small on me (dang you asian store one size fit all). since the acid wash denim was a bit heavy and grungy i tried to balance it out with something more delicate, a thin black skirt with a lace underskirt underneath. 

today i had one of the most productive days of my entire summer. i managed to finish an image for my commissions, shoot an ootd, do an illustration for that ootd and bleach/ombre a pair of shorts and IT WAS AWESOME. 
after that i decided i wanted to do some more so i finally got around to redesigning my blogger layout (woo hoo), which was kind of painful but also rewarding because while it was really confusing it was also nice to see how everything turned out. now i just have to put in some custom banners tomorrow or the day after. :) 

i'm behind on some posts here because i've been pretty busy and a little bit lazy but i've been pretty active on my daily tumblr and on my lookbook where i post rather frequently (ootd's as well as daily inspirations and creations). 

i'm also trying to do illustrations for all of my ootd's which will be really really hard to do but i think it'll be really beneficial and will help improve my skills. sooo challenge accepted.. kind of. :) 

my ombre diy on a pair of old shorts, which i'll be wearing in an outfit soon :) 

more posts coming soon ! <3 

love lydia lemieux

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I did this shoot a while back with my mom, but was always too busy to edit the pictures. Now that I look back, there were a couple of really nice shots! Hope to do more shots like this in the future :) 

I'm also introducing my mom on the blog, isn't she cute? :D It was her birthday yesterday so afterwards I decided to finally take the initiative and finish editing pictures from the shoot. I wish I had pictures from her birthday celebration too but I didn't bring my camera... :( 

Too things I should always bring with me, that I always choose not too because they're too heavy or I'm too lazy: my camera and my sketchbook. 
I really want to get a new big bag so I can like effectively carry them all around but I don't know if that'll cure my laziness.... Hum. :( 

Friday, August 03, 2012

pleated midi skirt - thrifted 
bag - thrifted 
platform sandals - bass 

I haven't really felt like blogging recently, I don't know why. I just feel really out of it and tired all the time. :( I also have a big job to work on right now so I might not be around blogger too much for the next week or two.

I'll still be around on lookbook and tumblr though! :) 


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