Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brown Button Up - Thrifted
Necklace - Ardenes 
Floral Skirt - Thrifted
Heeled Oxfords - Locale

Canada winter is sort of coming to an end... and it's choosing to hit us with a bitter vengeance. It's been cold and rainy and snowy and slushy and every possible kind of miserable weather for us. 
I did this shoot in rebellion against the snow and sad gloomy weather last week and I tried to dress like it was spring. 

I've been sick for approximately three weeks now... It gets a bit better and then a bit worse and it just keeps going and going. It's almost gone now though.. thank God. I can't blame anyone else but myself though... I should really stop doing shoots outside while I'm sick. 

I spent this entire week prepping for a graphic design competition and had my competition on Friday. So basically I haven't had a life for a while... but now it's time to catch up on blogging. :)

Lots on my mind right now... question for anybody who may be reading this blog... when is your good, good enough? 
Sometimes trying your hardest doesn't work out, sometimes you don't even know how to try, but you just try to go at it. You look at your own imperfection and inadequacy in disgust and you wonder. 
You try harder but it's still not enough. Nobody sees you for what you accomplish.. they don't see you for what you have done or can do, but they see you for how you've messed up or failed or how you're lacking.
What's good enough? 

Haha, depressing ending to this post but yeah... Hope spring is coming soon for all of you guys. So much cute clothing suited for warmer weathers. :) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

 White Silk Button Up - Thrifted
Black High Waisted Shorts - Aritzia  
Red Cardigan - Forever 21 
Heart Necklace - Ardenes 
Striped Tights - Gifted 
Lace Up Boots - Spring 

Happy (belated) Valentines Day everybody! Hope you guys all spent it with your special someone or at least around a lot of chocolate... 
Chocolate really is a good boyfriend replacement in case you're wondering. If I had spent V-Day alone, I would've spent it filling the gaping hole in my heart with Lindor and ice cream, rejoicing over the fact that Wal-Mart sells sweet stuff REALLY CHEAP before Valentines (for those boyfriends still consoling their wallets after Christmas). 
Just kidding! It's okay to be alone on Valentines Day, girls don't really need guys like they sometimes think they do, and vice versa. 

All rambles aside... I don't even know why I wrote all that because I spent my Valentines Day with an incredible guy. (I just like to sound pathetic in my writing... it shows character? I dunno...) 

In an attempt to show some kind of spirit to the special occasion, I tried to dress Valentines Day themed. 

Ie: I put together a typical outfit and wore a red cardigan... Don't have many pink things... 

For Valentines Day I got a couple of surprises from my boyfriend. First was getting a rose delivered in homeroom in the morning. It was surprising because he doesn't even attend my school, daww. 

He came over later to spend time together and gave me the rest of my present. Didn't take a picture of this, but he gave me another charm for a Swarovski charm bracelet he gave me for Christmas. And he wrote me a poem & made me chocolates. Okay, yes, I feel bad and I'm terribly inferior as a girlfriend...

I baked him brownies as a present and since I have more faith in my design abilities than my baking abilities... here is a picture of the bag. Yeah, his presents always ultimately trump mines. Sighh. I'm a lucky lucky girl. 

Anyways. Hope you all had a great V-Day/Tuesday/ChocolateDay/Etc! <3 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Asymmetrical Dress - Self Made 
Jewellery - Ardenes 
Heeled Oxfords - Locale 

I have not posted for a very very long time, and this dress is primarily why. 
I started making this dress about two weeks ago in hopes of finishing it by my school's Semi-Formal event. I actually managed to finish it (the day before... haha...) in time for the event. 
This dress is based off of the INLOVEWITHFASHION dresses. I think they're so cute but instead of buying one (I am a poor poor child) I decided to make my own. It's my first time making something so big and it was a challenge, but it was also really rewarding. 

I got a lot of comments on making my own dress and being the oddest one there. I broke the short skirt rule and had this ankle-length back. I know girls respect it but I'm pretty sure all the guys found it rather distasteful and completely unsexy (it's stereotypical, but I think sometimes guys just want a girl in a short skirt). Which is all fine by me. 

In Toronto it dropped by a lovely 15 degrees the day before our Semi-Formal so when I went out to take these pictures I basically wanted to die. Can you see the snow on the ground?! 

I know I'm complaining way too much, fashion bloggers take dress pictures in the snow all the time. But I swear after the shoot, my camera was frozen to my tripod and I felt so numb I wondered if I was just getting used to the cold or if I had frostbite. 
I did my test shots with a warm knit cardigan and then I took it off for the actual pictures and everything just went downhill from there.... haha. 

Anyways! Now that Semi Formal is over and done I'm thinking I don't want to go near a sewing project anytime soon. I mean, I've spent the last two weeks crouching over a sewing machine. 
Now that all that is over I feel my life kinda going back to normal? 
I'll definitely be posting more and shooting more (hurray, I can have hobbies again!) and catching up with all kinds of other work and people and objects of recent neglect!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

This morning I turned on the TV and found out that Wiarton Willie the groundhog had failed to see his shadow. Which means early spring, yay! 
Not that Toronto has been suffering from some bitter cold winter either. Nevertheless, it'll be nice to move from our mild slush and grey clouds to some sunshine and green grass.

Despite the oddly warm winter, it still felt freezing today. I'm not good with cold temperatures... they just make me wanna curl up into a ball under some blankets and hibernate there forever. Everytime colder weathers come around I start getting abnormal obsessions with baggy sweaters, fluffy or furry things and dressing really really boring. So here is outfit post covering all of the mentioned above!

Faux Furlined Knit Sweater - Thrifted
White Camisole - Thrifted
Black Skinnies - Jacob Outlet
Black Boots - Mom's closet

I don't really like wearing jeans, I'm just too used to the comfort of tights and leggings these days, but colder weather calls for warmer pants.
Also, my mom's gone away on a missions trip until the 18th so I'll be raiding her closet for the next few weeks! I actually love my mom's closet. We don't always see eye-to-eye on fashion sense but she still has her own unique style and lots of nice stuff.
It'll be a good few weeks.

Happy groundhog day, everybody! Hope your groundhog failed to see it's shadow too. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Lately I've discovered a new found passion for making clothes. I've also discovered that I am a work-a-holic. So with the combination of these two recent discoveries, I have created a new endless work schedule for myself which consists of me going to school, patterning and sewing and making clothes all day, going home, working on all my other courses, and occasionally taking breaks to see the light of day or to blink. After all of it, I sleep and then repeat. 
It's actually much healthier than it sounds. Except most of my relationships suffer because of it. Sorry friends & acquaintances & boyfriend!

White Floral Embroidered Top - Thrifted
Pleated Skirt - Self Made 

I made this pleated skirt about two weeks ago as practice for making my semi-formal dress. It actually came out nicer than I expected considering it was my first time working with pleats as well as invisible zippers and clasps. It was a good learning lesson indeed... also... I never want to look at a pleat again. 

On another note, I found a new place to shoot! Many times my fashion blogger friend, Joyce, and I will debate 'how far will a fashion blogger go to get a good picture?' This question would not leave my mind as I set up my tripod on my balcony and stepped out into freezing Canadian weather... in a skirt. All for somewhat adequate lighting. 

Can you see the difference between outdoor photography and indoor? Outdoor shots also don't require as much editing which is VERY nice and time saving. I just can't wait till it's warmer. Why, Canada, why?!

I know all I do these days is complain about how I have no time. But I guess that's what it really is. I was supposed to get a lot of work done today but then this cutie came over with a bunch of family friends so all possibility of productivity went down the drain! After today I have to finish sewing and putting together my semi-formal dress by next Wednesday while keeping up with all of my other courses. I know highschool shouldn't be this busy or packed or hard but I guess I bring it on myself by overachieving and setting such high goals with such tight deadlines. Sometimes I really wonder, why do I do this to myself?

Ah well, back to work!


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