Thursday, August 09, 2012

promise you'll always come find me again


I did this shoot a while back with my mom, but was always too busy to edit the pictures. Now that I look back, there were a couple of really nice shots! Hope to do more shots like this in the future :) 

I'm also introducing my mom on the blog, isn't she cute? :D It was her birthday yesterday so afterwards I decided to finally take the initiative and finish editing pictures from the shoot. I wish I had pictures from her birthday celebration too but I didn't bring my camera... :( 

Too things I should always bring with me, that I always choose not too because they're too heavy or I'm too lazy: my camera and my sketchbook. 
I really want to get a new big bag so I can like effectively carry them all around but I don't know if that'll cure my laziness.... Hum. :( 


  1. Love the lace white dress. I've been searching for the perfect one for summer but I haven't been lucky so far yet :(

    1. thankss :)
      yeah they're worth a hunt though
      try forever 21 !

  2. OMG, what lovely photos you have Lydia, the dress looks good on you!~
    saw your blog on LB I'm your new follower in blogger I hope we fan each other :) I adore your dress though!
    who's your photographer btw??

    1. aww thanks so much! :) <3
      yeahh i'll definitely check your blog out
      haha my photographer is actually my mom :) she's great haha
      thanks for the lovely comment xo

  3. your dress is so summer, love!
    your mom looks so young and fresh and PRETTY!
    Like mother, like daughter ;)
    Mind following each other? <3

    1. thank you!! :)
      awww haha she'll be so happy when she hears that hahhaha d;
      thanks for the lovely comment :)
      sure, i'll check out your blog!



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