Monday, February 13, 2012

one night only


Asymmetrical Dress - Self Made 
Jewellery - Ardenes 
Heeled Oxfords - Locale 

I have not posted for a very very long time, and this dress is primarily why. 
I started making this dress about two weeks ago in hopes of finishing it by my school's Semi-Formal event. I actually managed to finish it (the day before... haha...) in time for the event. 
This dress is based off of the INLOVEWITHFASHION dresses. I think they're so cute but instead of buying one (I am a poor poor child) I decided to make my own. It's my first time making something so big and it was a challenge, but it was also really rewarding. 

I got a lot of comments on making my own dress and being the oddest one there. I broke the short skirt rule and had this ankle-length back. I know girls respect it but I'm pretty sure all the guys found it rather distasteful and completely unsexy (it's stereotypical, but I think sometimes guys just want a girl in a short skirt). Which is all fine by me. 

In Toronto it dropped by a lovely 15 degrees the day before our Semi-Formal so when I went out to take these pictures I basically wanted to die. Can you see the snow on the ground?! 

I know I'm complaining way too much, fashion bloggers take dress pictures in the snow all the time. But I swear after the shoot, my camera was frozen to my tripod and I felt so numb I wondered if I was just getting used to the cold or if I had frostbite. 
I did my test shots with a warm knit cardigan and then I took it off for the actual pictures and everything just went downhill from there.... haha. 

Anyways! Now that Semi Formal is over and done I'm thinking I don't want to go near a sewing project anytime soon. I mean, I've spent the last two weeks crouching over a sewing machine. 
Now that all that is over I feel my life kinda going back to normal? 
I'll definitely be posting more and shooting more (hurray, I can have hobbies again!) and catching up with all kinds of other work and people and objects of recent neglect!


  1. I can't believe you made that dress *___* Oh man, I agree, the inlovewithfashion dresses would abuse my wallet... but I'm in serious awe... you PULLE IT OFF SO WELL! It's gorgeous! You're amazing :D

    1. daww thanks so muchh <3
      yes.. so many nice expensive things.. )':

  2. I love that dress! I wish I can sew. :(

    1. thanks ! <3
      aww haha you should give it a go ;)

  3. that dress is GORGEOUS! you ought to share to us your DIY tops on how you made it, i love it!
    you girls look lovely!
    Krissy xoxo

    1. thank you! <3
      i should've, but i didn't get process pictures ):
      oh well, maybe next time ! :)

  4. gorgeous dress, lydia
    and i love how you layer it
    with that sweater <333



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