Sunday, February 26, 2012

flowers and snow


Brown Button Up - Thrifted
Necklace - Ardenes 
Floral Skirt - Thrifted
Heeled Oxfords - Locale

Canada winter is sort of coming to an end... and it's choosing to hit us with a bitter vengeance. It's been cold and rainy and snowy and slushy and every possible kind of miserable weather for us. 
I did this shoot in rebellion against the snow and sad gloomy weather last week and I tried to dress like it was spring. 

I've been sick for approximately three weeks now... It gets a bit better and then a bit worse and it just keeps going and going. It's almost gone now though.. thank God. I can't blame anyone else but myself though... I should really stop doing shoots outside while I'm sick. 

I spent this entire week prepping for a graphic design competition and had my competition on Friday. So basically I haven't had a life for a while... but now it's time to catch up on blogging. :)

Lots on my mind right now... question for anybody who may be reading this blog... when is your good, good enough? 
Sometimes trying your hardest doesn't work out, sometimes you don't even know how to try, but you just try to go at it. You look at your own imperfection and inadequacy in disgust and you wonder. 
You try harder but it's still not enough. Nobody sees you for what you accomplish.. they don't see you for what you have done or can do, but they see you for how you've messed up or failed or how you're lacking.
What's good enough? 

Haha, depressing ending to this post but yeah... Hope spring is coming soon for all of you guys. So much cute clothing suited for warmer weathers. :) 


  1. Lovely outfit as always :)
    WHATT, you've stil been sick?! I hope you start feeling better soon, and that you win that competition :) Hmmm I doubt myself all the time ... I think what's good enough is when, you've exerted all your energy into it, and you can't possibly do anything. Step back, witness the wonder, and realise how you're only human and you've achieved so much already :) I wish it was colder here in Sydney... I am not a heat person haha.

    1. thank youu (:
      yes i have been.. it just keeps going.. ): thannks though <3
      yeah that's so true.. guess i always just expect more and more than i'm capable of.
      thanks for the lovely comment (:
      and no you don't... it's miserable here. ):

  2. Lovely, great outfit! Very cute.

    I understand your thoughts, I have felt the same way many times. But in the end to me it is more important how I see myself and not how others see me. It is important to try accomplish something for yourself. If others see how you messed up, ignore it. It only matters that you tried, and tried with all your will power. Like Bambi says, we are only humans and we aren't capable of reaching all our aims.

    Wishing you the best!

    1. thank youu (:
      mhmm that's true.. i hafta work on that :c
      thanks so muchh! <3

  3. Oh no, i hope you get better soon! The weather sounds horrible!
    I love your skirt, its so pretty! love the overall laidback look!
    Krissy xoxo

    1. thank youu (: <3
      it is terrible, but hopefully it'll be getting better soon :(

  4. Love your thrifted jacket!
    Hmm for me.... in terms of uni etc I find now that I really lack motivation and a 'pass' is good enough for me when a few years back in high school, I'd be aiming for the highest score possible!!! I feel like I'm actually that way in general now... lazy and not being bothered to do much at all. I really wish I could change that :(
    I hope you feel better soon :)

    1. thank you! (:
      really? you should keep aiming for the best! even if you don't accomplish everything you'll still get farther then if you don't try at all!
      and thanks so much <3

  5. aaa this is my favorite outfit of yours ♥
    i love your floral skirt and the cardigan!
    keep posting :D ,xx

  6. Love the outfit! and the location that you take your photos is very effective :) am new to blogging so please check mine out as for your thoughts, i think if you are happy with what you have achieved then thats enough! xo

    1. thank youu! (:
      your blog is cute! esp the instagram pics :3
      mhmm thanks so much <3

  7. i simply adore this outfit! it's got everything i love; floral, thigh highs, burnt orange.. :)

    1. thank you! i'm glad you like it (: i love those things too hehe



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