Wednesday, February 15, 2012

belated valentines


 White Silk Button Up - Thrifted
Black High Waisted Shorts - Aritzia  
Red Cardigan - Forever 21 
Heart Necklace - Ardenes 
Striped Tights - Gifted 
Lace Up Boots - Spring 

Happy (belated) Valentines Day everybody! Hope you guys all spent it with your special someone or at least around a lot of chocolate... 
Chocolate really is a good boyfriend replacement in case you're wondering. If I had spent V-Day alone, I would've spent it filling the gaping hole in my heart with Lindor and ice cream, rejoicing over the fact that Wal-Mart sells sweet stuff REALLY CHEAP before Valentines (for those boyfriends still consoling their wallets after Christmas). 
Just kidding! It's okay to be alone on Valentines Day, girls don't really need guys like they sometimes think they do, and vice versa. 

All rambles aside... I don't even know why I wrote all that because I spent my Valentines Day with an incredible guy. (I just like to sound pathetic in my writing... it shows character? I dunno...) 

In an attempt to show some kind of spirit to the special occasion, I tried to dress Valentines Day themed. 

Ie: I put together a typical outfit and wore a red cardigan... Don't have many pink things... 

For Valentines Day I got a couple of surprises from my boyfriend. First was getting a rose delivered in homeroom in the morning. It was surprising because he doesn't even attend my school, daww. 

He came over later to spend time together and gave me the rest of my present. Didn't take a picture of this, but he gave me another charm for a Swarovski charm bracelet he gave me for Christmas. And he wrote me a poem & made me chocolates. Okay, yes, I feel bad and I'm terribly inferior as a girlfriend...

I baked him brownies as a present and since I have more faith in my design abilities than my baking abilities... here is a picture of the bag. Yeah, his presents always ultimately trump mines. Sighh. I'm a lucky lucky girl. 

Anyways. Hope you all had a great V-Day/Tuesday/ChocolateDay/Etc! <3 


  1. So adorable! Your boyfriend sounds like such a sweetie :)
    I love the outfit too!

    1. PS passed on the Totally Smitten Award to you on my blog! :) :)

    2. he is, hehe (:
      thanks <3

      and thanks so much for the award! made my day (':

  2. I love it!! happy valetines day too sweetie, and you weared red, just lovely ♥


  3. The colour of the cardigan is adorable and I adore the heart necklace, so cute <3

  4. this outfit is simply sexy !
    love this more than a dress :)
    and happy valentine, dear <333

    1. haha thanks so muchh <3
      happy valentines ! (:

  5. Cute valentines outfit! Nice blog too :)

  6. wow, i really love your outfit and blog!
    wanna follow each other? :)


    1. thank you ! :)
      yeah, i followed you back, cute blog! <3



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