Monday, July 23, 2012

3 salvation armies , 2 girls , 1 day


Last week I spent a day downtown with Joyce and it was like the most insane day of life. 

Joyce is probably the only person I know in real life who blogs. She's also one of the few who thrift. So very naturally our day revolved around snapping pictures for our blogs and thrifting. 
To get the full thrifting experience, Joyce tracked down three salvation armies (yes, three) downtown and convinced me to go on this big thrifting adventure with her. 

(Picture credit to Joyce
It was a very chaotic adventure... you'd be surprised what kind of trouble two teenage girls could run into just visiting thrift stores. 

It was also very exhausting. We ran from thrift store to thrift store and from store racks to crammed change rooms. Luckily we thought ahead and both opted for flat shoes. Heels and adventure do not mix. 

Sheer White Top - Thrifted 
Feather Necklace - Aldo 
High Waisted Denim Shorts - Thrifted 
Boat Shoes - Bass

It was a mild day with overcast skies and lots of warm wind, which is probably my favorite type of weather. I wanted to wear something light and comfortable so I settled for a loose top and comfy drawstring denim shorts. I also decided to keep accessories to a minimum and ditched my usual heels for some very needed foot comfort. 

Despite talking with my mom and boyfriend about bringing my thrifted clothing down to a minimum I still find myself wearing fully thrifted outfits. (except for shoes, I think I have intimacy issues. I can't stick my feet somewhere someone else stuck their feet. what if they walked around all day in them? in the sun? while their feet perspired? a lot? what if they had a foot disease? Oh God...) 

And seeing as how I've just visited three salvation armies I doubt I'll be giving up thrifting anytime soon... It's impossible I tell you, impossible! 

I have a couple of new hauls to show off though I'm not sure if I will photograph them (too much... too much...). Though my goal right now is definitely to post more, even if my posts aren't that lengthy. (do people really read content? or do they just look at pictures? mhm.. the mysteries of life) 
So many things to do, so little time. 


  1. You are very lovely!
    I follow you!

  2. Honestly, don't be afraid to post content. As pretty as someone's look might be, it's also really interesting to read what they've been up to and why you put something together. I think it's always better to get a comment that's more than "Cool look. Follow me if I follow you? XOXO" and it's hard to give comments more than that if it's just really nice photos of a look.

    P.S High five for being thrift nuts. :)

    1. it is! it's just sad if people don't read it :(
      definitely truee, it's much nicer getting genuine responses with sincere interest .
      thanks for the lovely and sincere comment :)
      yess , thrift nuts for the win foreverr



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