Friday, January 20, 2012



Infinity Scarf - Gifted 
White Knit Sweater - Thrifted 
Beige Skinny Jeans - Zara 
Heeled Oxfords - Locale 

Over the past weekend I got knocked over by unexpected sickness that kept me home halfway into the week. It's been a while since I've felt that terrible and for the first time in a while, I stopped thinking about blogging, design, visual appeal, all that jazz... 
Which is unusual for me. But when you're just lying in bed, because you can't move your head for more than two minutes without feeling nauseous, what shoes look good with tights doesn't really excite your mind much. 

My lovely boyfriend brought over some small presents while I was still capable of moving... without feeling like dying. 

Once I got over my sick days I was plagued with all the work I had missed out on while I was lying in bed... Great. 
So basically... I haven't been thinking much about blog-worthy things. 
There are pretty much no outfit posts because I have no outfits... I go from uniform to pajama/paint-in-this clothes. It's not fascinating or attractive at all. 

For the majority of this Winter, Canada has been experiencing unusually warm temperature. But recently our temperatures have started dropping and now we have snow on the ground (... a month after Christmas), yay. 

My main concern these days is actually just to stay as warm and cozy as possible, so no, I wouldn't actually wear these shoes outside (not with this snow...). 
Sometimes I really wish I lived somewhere warmer where I can wear skirts and flats and reveal my ankles all year around. But I guess there is something cute about the whole winter-drown-myself-in-as-many-fuzzy-layers-as-possible look. 

There's also a story behind this scarf. A few weeks ago, I went to a karaoke place for my friend's birthday and somebody stole my scarf. It was a nice black cashmere one so I was slightly depressed over it (oh, the melodrama). When my boyfriend found out, he got me this scarf to make up for it. It's warm and cozy and beige. I am forever happy.  

I feel pretty guilty getting spoiled all the time, but I won't lie... it's pretty nice. 


  1. How you managed to thrift such a lovely cable sweater is beyond me! It looks so snug! Oh no, I hope you do start feeling better soon ): Your boyfriend is so thoughtful - peppermint + chocolate = I mean really, that is a match made in heaven! Aww, well I guess karma brings about a new scarf if someone steals it .. LOL :)

    1. Hehe, it was a lucky day. I got it for really cheap too! :)
      Aww thank youu! Haha yeahh, I'm pretty lucky :D

  2. aww your boyfriend is so sweet! it's good that you are feeling better now :)
    the scraft, sweater and your skinny jeans look good all together :D

  3. I've been looking for a top like yours for ages O: That aside, the story of how you got your scarf is adorable <3 Lovely outfit!

    1. reallyy?
      i recently saw one in Forever 21, but if you don't have a F21 near you then I suggest checking out a thrift store if you're still looking for one. :)
      hehe thanks! (:



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