Sunday, January 29, 2012

thrift expeditions

Over the last two weeks I managed to go thrifting twice. I love thrifting but the story of my life is that I never have time for anything so it gets neglected. 

On my first go I picked up three cardigans.. I have a slightly unhealthy cardigan obsession. It's strange... I just feel drawn to them. I've been on the look out for cardigans ever since I started thrifting a few years back but I've never run into anything particularly good. However, when I went this time I surprisingly encountered what seemed like the holy grail of cardigan. I must've lugged 7 or 8 of them into the change room, but I only ended up getting these three. 

My favorite was this huge oversized white knit cardigan. I've been looking for a baggy white knit cardigan ever since my boyfriend bought me this lovely button up shirt. It pretty much perfectly suited what I wanted and it also had these beautiful brass buttons. I basically fell in love with it... even though my mom still criticizes me for dressing like a grandma. 

I got this tan cardigan for when it gets a bit warmer outside. 

This was a simple knit black cardigan which I ended up exchanging on my second thifting escapade. 

On my second thrifting trip I got this sweater and top. I'm always incorporating plain white tops in my outfits so I decided to invest in this nice simple white camisole. As for the sweater... it was knit and faux fur lined and it felt so nice... It was a freezing Canadian day when I went thrifting so I couldn't resist the warmth and fuzzyness... I'm pathetic, I know. 

Also, I thought this tag was way too cute. Only downside to this sweater is that it says dry-clean only. Yeah.. that's never going to happen. Anybody know any good alternatives to dry-cleaning? 

Overall, two great thrifting trips. I want to go again so bad but must resist... everytime I go I find something that I want. Even if it's all cheap... this cannot be good for my wallet or my spending habits. I wish I could've taken pictures wearing everything but once again... story of my life is not having enough time, and thinking about lugging out the tripod... setting it up... running back and forth between the camera and the wall... it's just so exhausting. Hopefully I'll be able to do an outfit shoot in the next week though! 


  1. I love the white cardigan! I've been looking for something like that for ages. The sweater looks nice as well <3 Great haul!

    1. hehe thanks :)
      yeahh i got really luckkyy!

  2. These cardigns are such a steal! I'm so jelly, especially the cable knit cardigans *__* Everytime I go thrifting, I can never find good cardigans - usually shawls or sweaters. And nonsense, there is no such thing as an 'unhealthy' cardigan obsession :D

    1. they are :')
      they were all cheap too !
      haha i think if you ever saw my cardigan collection you would think different haha D:

  3. I loveee that sweater it looks so comfy! good buys x

  4. love the button details on the white cardigan!

  5. ~Hello, I'm Charlotte and I just passed by your blog ^^. I love your outfits. They are adorable. I have a really unhealthy obsession with cardigans too lolz. Once, I told my mom that I'm willing to collect cardigans in every color possible. Check out my blog sometime.

    1. Aww, thanks so much!
      hehe mutual unhealthy obsession! :) i feel like that sometimes too!
      && sure !



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