Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy belated holidays

Since nobody reads this blog yet, I'm going to use this opportunity to write an immature post about my life that nobody really cares to read about while also testing out my blogging functions. Two birds with one stone, whatttt. 


My winter holidays passed so fast that I can barely even remember how I spent most of it. I blame the Toronto Schoolboard for letting us off from school two days before Christmas. Because really, nothing gets us more in the Christmas spirit than cramming homework. 
I was really blessed these holidays though, because I had a lot of very loving people around me. I'm not just saying this because I got awesome gifts, the people are actually just amazing. 


Right after Christmas was Boxing Day... followed by boxing week. It was a pretty mild Boxing week for me. I picked up a pair of beige skinny jeans from Zara and a pair of heeled Oxfords from Locale for half price. In this case it was definitely quality over quantity. 

As I write this, I'm still trying to figure out what this blog will be used for. I feel like I'm trying hard to narrow it down so I don't completely mutilate this blog with six hundred categories but in the end the only way I can really explain what I will be putting up is "everything that is worth putting up". 

Okay, bring on the six hundred categories. 


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