Monday, January 23, 2012

happy chinese new year

My family isn't very traditional. By this I mean we really don't ever do anything for anything. Everything is pretty much futile. Why put up the Christmas tree if we're going to take it down in a few weeks? 

Despite our lack of normal family spirit, we actually kinda pulled together to gather a bit of effort for the Lunar New Year. We had a small casual celebration at our house today (better late than never) and I got handed down this beautiful traditional Chinese styled jacket. 

Traditional Chinese Jacket - Handed Down 
Embroidered Pencil Skirt - Guess (thrifted) 
Pink Slingbacks - Handed Down

The jacket is actually really nice. It's black velvet with a hot pink silk lining. I matched it with a pair these pair of pink slingbacks that are a size too small and nearly killed me. My mom bought these shoes for her wedding reception about four years back and they haven't really been touched since then (my mom thinks they're too pink and I think they hurt like hell), but they match perfectly with the jacket so I think I've found a new use for them. 

Also, in celebration of Chinese New Year, here is an overwhelming amount of gratuitous pictures of food.

It's not uncommon for Chinese people to make more food than they can eat in celebration of Chinese New Year. I suppose this represents wealth and your own good fortune, because if you have more than enough food it shows that you have a blessed and rich life. 

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year, from my family to yours.


  1. What a beautiful outfit story, the pieces are incredibly lovely and nostalgic :) All that food *__* Yumm, haha that's true, we bite more than we can chew! Hope you hadd a lovely start to the Lunar New Year :)

    1. haha thank you!
      the food was awesomee & yepp . hope you did too (;

  2. All that food looks great. Happy Chinese New Year ^^

  3. Beautiful pictures, and what a lovely family tradition!! Happy Chinese New Year! :)

  4. Happy Chinese New Year :)
    love your outfir,,

    i followed your blog.
    would you mind followback mine?

    1. happy chinese new year!
      thanks <3
      haha sure, you have cute outfits! :)

  5. I love how you did your outfit
    with the traditional top and the skirt!
    & the food looks yummy ;)

    I was browsing through your blog & I really like it
    you're posts are great!!

    new follower


    1. the food was awesome :')
      & aww thanks so much! <3

  6. you have unique outfits,i love your top! :D



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