Thursday, January 12, 2012

fade away, fade away


Denim Shirt - Thrifted 
Black Skirt - H&M 
Lace up boots - Aldo 

I wore this outfit to go on my school trip to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) today. I always dress down for things that involve my school because the majority of the people there are the jeans & t-shirt type. My school is Catholic and a uniform school so I've never really understood the dress-ordinary concept. If you only have a few chances to dress up during the year, why waste it on a pair of skinnies and a polo? Why?! 
It baffles me. 

Also, I really wish somebody would wear a damn skirt to school in the winter. I mean I guess it's kind of nice being the only one and kind of feeling unique in my personal style... but after a bit the judgement starts to wear in. 
Girls always ask me if I feel cold wearing a skirt with leggings or tights... but it's the exact thing as wearing our kilt with leggings or tights... which 70% of the female population at our school wears, all year round. It seems not everybody really understands my logic here because somehow wearing a skirt when it's not summer is, ultimately, just "slutty". 

Luckily, I don't have to follow what anybody says so I just wear what I want anyways. It would be such a waste only wearing skirts in the summer... I mean, we live in Canada. Do you know how short our summer is? 


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    1. thanks!
      hehe glad somebody agrees with me on this (:



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